…real life PRINCE.

Happy Monday, y’all…

I’m back with another PREVIEW from The Greeting Farm today before our DT Blog Hop and NEW RELEASES go live tomorrow, May 1st!

Some of you may remember this dapper Prince Ian as a digi from far, far, away ago…well, to go along with our darling Princess 4 (we debuted her last week 😉 and all the other princesses for that matter…it was time for a prince stamp in rubber!

Here he is…PRINCE IAN:

Be sure to stop by The Greeting Farm Blog today because there’s a PRINCE up for grabs who JUST might come home with you 😉   Before I go….

I have to share a quick story about my own real-life prince charming today.  You know, my husband and I have been together collectively for 18 years.  Married for 12, and let me tell you it wasn’t always a ‘fairy tale’ by any means.

We’ve come to appreciate each other so much in the past few years and last night he did the sweetest thing for me.  I was running all day- I mean ALL day.  Boys had a travel basketball game at 8am, I left straight from there w/ my little one for an all-day Girl Scout event where I got burnt to a crisp and did a ton of walking from 9-4, and then after that rushed home in just enough time to shower, re-apply some makeup, and head over to a women’s night with the homeowner’s association to promote what I hope to be my photography business (more on that later ;)…anyway, I hadn’t eaten anything but a hot dog and chips around noon and when I got home, finally, around 9:30pm I smelled something wonderful but couldn’t imagine what it was because they had gone out for pizza since I was working.

Much to my surprise, on the way home from their pizza dinner, they stopped at the store and picked up a small t-bone steak, corn, and rice and he had it all cooked up and waiting for me on the table.    He does little, unexpected things to take care of me-rather, make me FEEL really taken care of and I just wanted to send a shout- out to my real-life PRINCE today.  I love you, babe <3


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13 thoughts on “…real life PRINCE.

  1. Jess I am happy for you that in real life you have your prince charming , I am lucky as well to have one…but in rubber I do not have one!|!
    Perhaps this time…??
    Ciao Blankina
    PS Great card love the swirls too…

  2. AWE what an Awesome Hubby you have!!! Love your card too! way cute!!!
    hugs, Heidi

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