All that Glitters…

Hi, everyone!

I can’t believe it’s 2014, can you?  You’ll hopefully be seeing me more this year now that I’ve {hopefully} got a balance going.  {shhhh!  I didn’t *really* say that, haha!}

Today’s already the 5th of the month, and you know what that means!

The year is shiny and new, so let’s add shimmer and shine to our cards.
Think glitter, sequins, rhinestones, pearls, heat embossing – anything with some gloss.
I have a little gift box that I created using the “SMALL PHRASES” set.  There’s plenty of bling on here, too 😉   I used a 12×12 paper set from Stampin’ up, but the name escapes me at the moment- I’ll be back w/ that info :)  The flower is from Prima.

These little boxes from Stampin Up are my fave, and just in case you were wondering?  Yes, they do fit a cupcake just perfectly.  haha.

DSC_6395 DSC_6394

Need a little inspiration? Check out the blogs linked below to see what our Divas did with the challenge! It’s sure to be a treat, and speaking of treats, we’ve got a prize for one lucky commenter along the hop! Check out the Verve Blog today for all the prize info and deadlines, and now be sure to head to KAREN’s blog next!

Light Tomorrow….

Welcome to Verve’s December Diva Inspirations Hop. It’s the 5th of the month (of DECEMBER?! Not really even sure how that happened!)  and that means it’s hopping time. We love to get our Verve inky around here. So pull up a chair and take a tour of some fun creations using Verve favorites .It’s sure to be a treat, and speaking of treats, we’ve got a prize for one lucky commenter along the hop! Check out the Verve Blog today for all the prize info and deadlines.


December Sale
Thanks for heading over here from BETTY’s blog.   Soooo… I have been a terrible DT member lately and I’m sorry for not catching you all up w/ my creations!
I have had kind of a crazy few weeks and apologize for not having anything new for today’s hop.  However, it dawned on me that i have quite a few cards from when I was on the Dirty Dozen and haven’t shown them all yet, so here’s one of my faves from that time period, using one of my favorite Plain Janes, “Light Tomorrow”:
I can’t tell you how long I had this fabulous lamp die-cut sticker before I could finally use it- and it’s the PERFECT sentiment for it, don’t you think?
Be sure to head over to KAREN’s blog next- you know she will have something amazing as always!

Wrinkles in Time…

 Hi, everyone!

Welcome to Verve’s November Diva Inspirations Hop. It’s the 5th of the month and that means it’s hopping time. We love to get our Verve inky around here, whether they’re hot off the presses, or a little worn around the edges. So today you’ll see Diva creations to inspire you with both old and new Verve!It’s sure to be a treat, and speaking of treats, one lucky commenter along the hop will win Verve’sOctober Release CollectionCheck out the Verve Blog today for all the details.

And since the holidays are just around the corner, Verve has a little holiday sale going on through November 26!

I’m showing you a card today from one of my favorite sets,BLUE SKIES.  I know! I use it often, right?!  But I LOVE it!


Be sure to head over to KAREN’s blog next and thanks for stopping by!  Love me some VERVE!

Simply Said.

Hey, again!

Whoa. Two days… in. a. row.  Are ya shocked?  😉

I’m actually sharing a card that’s pretty appropriate in my life this week.   I know we’ve all done this (and if you haven’t, you’re either forgetful or you’re truly a saint ;)… and “this” that I’m talking about is the easy and sometimes knee-jerk reactions that we have on social media.

A few situations came up this week with a long-time friend of the family and also a situation with something back in our IL neck of the woods that had my hubby and I pretty perturbed.  I admittedly am the first person to roll my eyes when i see “cryptic” posts online.    I’d be lying to myself, and you all, if I didn’t admit that I used to do this a lot more, actually, but since I’ve been attending my church and have been so blessed with an amazing group of local friends and a church family, not to mention my own,  I really felt that God was convicting me to not be so ‘out there’ as a knee-jerk reaction to being hurt or upset.

In fact, I even deleted my Twitter account last year as a result.  I have made it a point to NOT share personal things on my blog anymore as a result as well.. but today’s message was important enough and I felt that I should write.

In the past two weeks or so, I’ve had a few friends come to me asking if I was upset with them. I was absolutely like ‘huh?  NO!  Why??”.  Turns out they were projecting what I was putting out there onto themselves and I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t do that part of it as well sometimes.   Granted, SOMETIMES when we project it’s because we are guilty of doing something, but most of the time, it’s because it’s very hard not to know what the person is thinking or feeling, even though we are convinced we do.

Moral of the story, and I’ll keep it short… I don’t like to be the “Debbie Downer”.  I am the first to roll my eyes when I see people posting every ‘horrible’ thing that happens to them online.  Yeah, sometimes it feels good to vent, but it feels better to pray, talk to a trusted friend (and I underline TRUSTED), or just simply LET. IT. GO.   Baggage and yucky stuff don’t deserve a place in your head, and don’t deserve a place in mine.

It also made me realize that it’s simply NOT NICE.   Just because I’m hurt doesn’t mean I should be using a public forum to blow off steam.   I am the first person to tell someone when they’re upset to go to the source.  I need to listen to that because it’s sound advice and the only way we can work to resolve anything.  So, I’m working on that.

Today’s church sermon?  Forgiveness.  I love that God always knows what we need and when we need it.  If I’m not the only one this week, I hope this helps you, too.   My card is one I made while on the SCS Dirty Dozen and I haven’t gotten around to sharing!  It uses The Greeting Farm’s “Simply Anya” stamp and the sentiment?  Well, that would be truth if I dig down deep.  It may have offered immediate gratification to blow off steam, but in the end…….


I shouldn’t have used social media to blow off steam because I was upset about two incidences, especially in light of the fact that neither person was on this particular means of seeing what I wrote.  All that did was cause confusion to the friends who care and even if they had seen it, what would it solve?  I’m gonna try like heck not to do that anymore, but I warn y’all now, I may very well do it again because I’m human.  No excuse, but we know it can happen.

I want to be a LIGHT to my friends… not a “Debbie Downer” because life dealt me a few bad hands this week… and the funny part is, it probably didn’t.  It dealt me hidden blessings to be able to forgive someone from the burden of our friendship and even though it makes me sad and probably always will, it’s better for me and my family.  It’s helping me to forgive some unfortunate trespasses dealing with someone who we are allowing to use something we own in good faith, and most of all, it’s helping to forgive myself for the things I’ve said and done, even if it was a few rants that would have gone best unsaid.

I hover over the ‘post’ button now, because I don’t like using myself as an example when I’ve done something wrong.  However, I’m hoping this may help someone think twice, JUST like I need to, before they, too, fall into the all-to-easy, all-too-comfortable trap that social media sometimes offers us.   Hope that makes sense.

Bottom line?  Forgiveness=freedom.  Who’da thunk?  <3

I blogged today…That’s FABULOUS!

UPDATE:  * I am SO sorry my post didn’t go live when it was supposed to!  This is my first post after a 3-month break from blogging and I guess I may have forgotten how?!  Oops.  At any rate, THANK YOU for stopping by!***

Anyway, the Inspiration Divas Divas are hopping today.  I am not technically on the hop but definitely want to point you all over there to enjoy it and WIN FREE STUFF!

My card today is using the LOVE’s FLOWER stamp set.  Still one of my faves!Verve

Be sure to check out the VERVE blog today for more WCMD fun and find out how you can WIN the brand new SEPTEMBER release- that’s a WHOLE lotta AWESOME!  Now, it’s time to head to KAREN’s blog!

Take care and I’ll see you all soon <3



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